Quality of Life in Canada

Canada is one among the safest, most comfortable countries on earth. Citizens of Canada enjoy generally contented lives free from substantial hardship. A Health and Safety in Canada Canadians are generally healthy people and therefore the country doesn’t have any widespread problems with dangerous or infectious diseases. the typical Canadian anticipation is 80 years for […]

Why you need to hire a Registered Migration Agent

For lodging an application the applicant must hire a registered migration agent. Applicants often ignore the importance of hiring a skilled person. In the market, you will get numerous people who claim that they are the best migration agent. Keep these things in mind today we are going to tell you 6 reasons to hire a registered […]

The Spanish Start-Up Ecosystem

While Senovo has historically been focused on the DACH market, we have been increasingly looking at attractive B2B SaaS investment opportunities in other European countries during the last two years (like our investments into IamIP (Sweden) and Manta (Czech Republic)). As we are proactively expanding our geographic reach, Krystyna Liakh and I dove a bit […]

Changes to Culturally Arranged Marriages visa category

Background In 2003, the Government amended immigration policy to allow for the granting of a visitor visa for a culturally arranged marriage for people intending to come to New Zealand to marry a New Zealand citizen or resident. As part of the requirements under this visa category, the ceremony had to take place in New […]

Problems or Mistakes in writing SOP

High Professionals Help: Students take high professionals help in writing their SOP. We should have a good command over English but not very high-end or over-board English & do not need great writing skills to write SOP. University admissions team gauge the students’ level of English with their IELTS/TOEFL/PTE exam and will clearly know if […]

Things to Know Before Migrating to New Zealand

Among all the popular higher education destinations for Indian students, New Zealand is perhaps the most confusing option while considering future job prospects. While many experts tout New Zealand as a destination with plenty of job opportunities and rave about the quality of life, many news reports and labor experts from New Zealand have conflicting […]

Top Destination for Millionaires is AUSTRALIA

A new report has  revealed  that Australia is the Top Destination for millionaires Australia topped the chart as it has seen  11,000 millionaires moving here, followed by the US with 10,000 , Canada with 8,000 in the second place  and third place respectively. The New World Wealth has found A research on global wealth and […]

Training Visa 407

What is Training Visa 407 Training visa 407 is for ‘on the job’ or classroom based training and skills development. Companies and government departments, Australian and international, are eligible to nominate trainees. There are 3 types of nomination for Training Visa 407: Type 1: Training for professional or trade registration Type 2: Workplace training for skill […]

The fastest-growing careers in Australia

NEW Census data released today has revealed the fastest-growing careers in Australia. According to the latest figures from the 2016 survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Community and personal service workers come out on top When it comes to the top eight occupations in Australia, these workers recorded the largest growth […]

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