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Skilled Migrant Category Points Guide

Additionally, you can ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers for a Free Professional Assessment to make sure you are not overestimating the points you can claim in your Expression of Interest.

Minimum Requirements of the Skilled Migrant Category

To qualify for a resident visa under this policy, you must meet all of the following minimum requirements:

  • You must have an acceptable standard of health
  • You must be of good character
  • You must have proven English language capabilities
  • You must be under the age limit of 56 years
  • You must reach a minimum points score of 100 

Can you reach the minimum points score?

Calculate your points score for your Expression of Interest.

Points for skilled employment

Current skilled employment or offer of skilled employment in New Zealand 


Bonus points for a skilled job or offer of skilled employment

Area of absolute skill shortage


A region outside of Auckland


Partner’s skilled employment or offer of skilled employment in New Zealand


High remuneration (introduced under the new policy)


Skilled Work experience

Two years


Four years


Six years


Eight years


Ten years or more


Bonus points for skilled work experience gained in New Zealand 

One year or more


Bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage

2 to 5 years


Six years or more


Recognised Qualifications

Recognised level 3 qualification (if included in the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment) introduced under the new policy


Recognised level 4-6 qualification


Recognised level 7 or 8 qualification


Recognised level 9 or 10 qualification


Bonus points for qualifications

Two years of full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised New Zealand Bachelor degree (level 7) 


One year of full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised post-graduate New Zealand qualification


Two years of full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised post-graduate New Zealand qualification


Partner qualification- recognised level 7 or 8


Partner qualification – recognised level 9+



20 – 39 years


40 – 44 years


45 – 49 years


50 – 55 years


Bonus points for Family Support and Bonus points for employment in Identified Future Growth Areas will no longer be granted under the new Skilled Migrant policy.

Please note that our Points Guide can only give you a very first overview. 

Did you reach the minimum points score of 100? Great!  

If you score 100 points or more and meet health, character, language and age requirements, you can submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and might subsequently be eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category.

However, while it may look relatively simple to add up your points, the devil lies in the details. 

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers say that “Over 50% of self-assessments are incorrect. Applicants overestimate the number of points they might be able to claim in their Expression of Interest.”

To comply with immigration requirements, professional background – qualifications, work experience and a job offer – need to be aligned very carefully. This is where most errors occur.

Our advice: To avoid being rejected from the pool, ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers to confirm your points score before you submit your Expression of Interest! 

What happens if you do not reach the minimum point score of 100? 

Don’t give up yet! You may still have a good chance of applying for a Residence Visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. Maybe one of the other immigration policies could be an option for you.

In many cases, a job offer in New Zealand is needed that will give you the additional points for your Expression of Interest to ultimately be successful.

Ask our Job Search Professionals how we can help you find a job that will entitle you to those all deciding extra points!

Does a point score of 100 guarantees you that your EOI will be successful?  Unfortunately not. 

Only if your Expression of Interest is successfully selected, you will get a chance to apply for a resident visa. 

So how many points will you actually need, have a realistic chance for your Expression of Interest to be selected?

At the end of 2016, Immigration New Zealand announced that only Expressions of Interest with a points claim of 160 or more would be selected from then onwards!

As a point score of 160 is potentially out of reach for many candidates, the already heated competition in the Pool amongst all EOIs is now even stronger. 

The only way to find out how many points you will most likely need is by looking up the latest Selection Results to find out how many points were actually required for an Expression of Interest to be selected during the last Selection.  

That will not guarantee you that your EOI will be successful, but it will give you a very good indication of how many points you should be able to claim before you actually submit your Expression of Interest. 

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