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Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa – NZ

On Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa one can live and work which will be a pathway to Residency Visa.

Who can apply: One who is below 55 years of age and has a job offer from an accredited employer New Zealand can apply Talent (Accredited Employer) work visa.

When can apply: You can apply to this visa at any time.

Duration of Visa: Up to 30 months

Eligibility criteria: You must have a job offer from an accredited employer with offer of salary not less than NZ$ 55000 per annum.

Benefits: After completion of 2 years service with an Accredited Employer you can apply for Residence visa.

Family: Family members cannot be included in this visa application, but they can apply for visas based on their relation with you separately.

Process time: Up to 53 days

Cost: NZ$ 635

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