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Countries across the globe have created attractive permanent residency programs for entrepreneurs, businesspersons and HNIs. With a favourable immigration climate now is a great time for you to explore your options of settling abroad with your family and setting up business operations. Y-Axis can help you identify the right residency option based on your preferences and future plans.

Money talks. In the global marketplace there is no truer saying. While multiple avenues remain open to immigration candidates, there is no process as expedited or as beneficial as the investor visa. Countries all over the world have realized the advantage of offering citizenship to wealthy, goal-driven, self-motivated investors who are looking to improve the businesses of their countries. These investors are often offered green cards immediately and receive their citizenship at a rate unmatched by almost every other visa. There are a few technicalities to sort out before such an application can even be submitted, but the benefits far outweigh any potential downsides if you have an experienced immigration practitioner guiding you through this arduous purpose.

Settling Abroad as an Entrepreneur

Benefits of Settling Abroad as an Entrepreneur

The permanent residency programs for investors and entrepreneurs are typically designed to offer individual as well as business benefits. The best such immigration programs offer benefits like:

  • Access to high standard of living
  • Access to healthcare and education
  • Settle with your dependants
  • Access to international opportunities
  • Favourable investment policies (varies by country)
  • Travel benefits allowing you to conduct business globally
  • Fast track to citizenship

Eligibility For Entrepreneurs, Investors visas

Different countries have different criteria to assess applicant eligibility. Broadly, the assessment criteria are:

  • Availability of funds to invest overseas
  • Prior business profile
  • Proficiency in English or local languages
  • Business credentials & banking history
  • Health & conduct evaluation


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Basic Requisites for Business Visa

The application process for the student visa is country specific and varies accordingly. Normally, a student applying for a visa must ensure the following:

  • Producing required documents that ensure that the candidate can pay his/her living expenses.
  • An authentic offer from the respective college/institute the student has applied.
  • Proof of money and funds assuring that the student would be able to pay the tuition fees.
  • Police verification (if required) to check the student is not involved with any criminal activity.
  • Biometrics should be provided at the embassy for future actions and references.
  • The intended time of stay and the date of arrival back to the country should be clearly mentioned beforehand.

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