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Skilled Migrant Visa – NZ

New Zealand immigration Invites applicants who are having enough skills to contribute to New Zealand’s Economic growth can apply for this Visa. This Visa is based on Points system, applicant needs to apply Expression of Interest (EOI), once EOI is approved by NZ immigration then apply for Skilled Migration Visa application.

What this Visa Make you Eligible for:

  • Live permanently in New Zealand.
  • Multiple Entry Visa.
  • You can do any type of work anywhere in New Zealand.
  • You can Study in New Zealand.
  • Your Partner also can work in New Zealand.
  • Your children can study in New Zealand.

Points Criteria:

  • Eligible Points to Apply EOI is 100 points.
  • Cutoff Points for EOI Pick up is 160 points.

Below are the areas from where applicant can gain Points,

  • Age
  • Skilled Employment or Offer in NZ
  • Recognized Qualifications
  • Overseas Work Experience
  • Partner Skilled Employment in NZ
  • Partner Recognized Qualifications

Bonus Points: 

  • Work experience in an Area of Absolute Skills Shortage.
  • NZ Qualifications.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Below 55 years of Age.
  • Have a Good Health of a complete Family.
  • Have a Good Character for both the applicants.
  • Recognized Qualifications.
  • Skilled Employment in NZ.
  • Overseas Work Experience.
  • At least Competent plus English.
  • Partner Qualifications.
  • Partner English Efficiency. 

NZ Sponsorship: Job offer from NZ or Skilled employment in NZ (Have the additional benefits in points system)

Additional Applicants: Your partner and children (below 24 years) can be added in residency visa application.

Visa Stay Period: You can stay indefinitely.

Application Fee:

  • EOI Submission – NZ$ 530.
  • SMC Application – NZ$ 3310.

Type of Application and Place of Application: Skilled Migration Visa can be submitted Paper application only and can apply from onshore or offshore.

Processing Time: Average Processing time is 10 months.

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