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Business Visitor Visa – NZ

An applicant can visit New Zealand for business reasons, who have enough money to live in New Zealand in the period of time and have good financial support from his employer.

How the visa will works: You can travel to New Zealand for business reasons.

Eligible To:

  • Study for 3 months in New Zealand.
  • To sell services and goods in New Zealand.
  • To buy goods and services from New Zealand.
  • Expansion or wind-up of business in New Zealand.
  • To negotiate or discuss the set-up and tie-up of business in New Zealand.
  • To carry out an official trade mission recognized by the New Zealand Government.
  • To run any business with the authorized representatives of an overseas company or body or person.

To carry out any other work activities, or stay longer than three months, you will need to apply for a work visa.


  • Bonafide Employee.
  • Have sufficient funds to survive in New Zealand.


  • NZ$165 to New Zealand immigration+ INR 700 passport fee for Receiving centre fee(Online Submission)
  • INR 8900 to NZ immigration + INR 1038 to Visa Application Centre (VAC) to receive your application and submit it to Immigration New Zealand(Paper application)

Processing Time: 15 to 20 working days.

Duration: You can stay up to 3 months.

Family Included: You can include your Partner and Child.

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