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Specific Purpose Visa – NZ

The Event Visa (or) Specific Purpose Visa helps to entry of applicants whose skills, qualities or proficiency are needed for a specific purpose for the benefit to New Zealand, this Visa is for the visitors who want to work for a specific amount of time or for a specific goal.

To be eligible under this program:

  • The duration of these permits must be consistent with the time required for the holder to complete the specific purpose or event.
  • Visiting New Zealand for a particular period for a specific purpose or event.
  • The Visitors employment in New Zealand should not harm employment opportunities for New Zealanders.
  • Must have been demonstrated skills, qualities or expertise in areas relevant to that specific purpose or event.

Other Requirements:

  • Provide Visa is needed for a specific time period (Presenting / Showing the funds to support yourself in New Zealand for the period of work, Example: Employment Contract/ Bank Balance or Sponsorship.
  • Health and Character Criteria.
  • Must be intended to leave New Zealand at the end of the work visa validity.
  • Employer guaranteeing the cost of your departure or a pre booked return ticket should be presented as a proof.

Specific purpose visa categories are:

  • Senior business people.
  • Chief executives / senior staff of multinational Companies.
  • Business investor applicants with approval in principle.
  • Sports referee.
  • Judges of shows, exhibitions or displays.
  • A dance or music examiner.
  • An installer or servicing of specialized equipment.
  • Sports players or coaches.
  • Entertainers, film or video crew or support personnel and performing artists.

Family: Family members cannot be included in the Specific Purpose Visa but Dependents / Partners can apply for a visit visa based on their relationship.

Cost: 495 NZ$ – online (or) paper application.

Processing Time: 36 working days – 40 working days.

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