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Student Dependent Visa – NZ

New Zealand student dependent visa is for dependents of students who are currently holding a student Visa for New Zealand. This visa allows dependents to accompany their partners in New Zealand on certain conditions.

Visa Purpose: This visa is only for those dependents whose spouse is currently studying higher level qualification of at least level 7 degree and for students who are pursuing a course whose skill is in the Long Term Skill Shortage List. It is also for a student who is pursuing a postgraduate qualification like Masters/ PhD. etc.

This visa is for the people who can prove their genuine relationship and who are married or having a live-in relationship for at least 12 months. All applicants must meet our health and character requirements. The other requirements you must meet depend on your partner’s immigration status.

Types of Dependent Visas:

  1. Student dependent Visitor Visa: This visa is for the dependents whose spouse is going on level 7 course. He needs to find an employer and convert it into work visa in order to obtain work rights.
  2. Student Dependent Work Visa: This visa is for the dependents whose spouse is going on a level 8 and above courses. He will have full time work rights from day one.

Processing Time: Visa process may take from 1-4 months depending on the processing country/department and the numbers of applications in the pipeline.

Benefits of this Visa:

  • Holder of this visa is allowed to stay for the duration of the student visa of his/her spouse.
  • Allows you to work full time for the complete duration of the visa (if student is studying level 8 and above course).
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency (if eligible).

Note: Dependent Children above 18 years should apply for a student visa showing enough funding for 1 year.
Application Fee: Application fee is 495 NZ$.

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