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Dependent Child Category Visa – NZ

Types of Child Visa:

  • Temporary child visa (This visa is eligible for holders of Visitor or Student Visa).
  • Resident Visa (this visa is eligible for Citizens or Residents of New Zealand).

Note: Dependent Child is not eligible for work visa.

Dependent child of a student visa holder: A dependent child below 19 years can stay in New Zealand along with the parents as long as the parent’s visa is valid. Can study Primary and Secondary School in New Zealand, The child is treated as domestic student, and do not have to pay tuition fees for them to go to the school.
Application fee: Application fee is 295 NZ$.

Dependent child of a work visa holder: Children under age of 19 are eligible to be included in their parent’s temporary visas, if the child is aged below 17 and is single and relay on the visa holder or their partner for financial support is considered as dependent child or children between 18/ 19 and or single and do not have children any of their own and relay on the visa holder or their partner for financial support are considered dependent.
Application fee: Application fee is 211 NZ$.

Resident Visa Description: If you are a New Zealand Citizen or Resident residing in New Zealand you can bring your dependent children to New Zealand to live with you.
What this Visa Make you Eligible for:

  • Live permanently in New Zealand.
  • Multiple Entry Visa.
  • They can Study in New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Below 24 years.
  • Have a Good Health.
  • Have a Good Character requirement.
  • Parent(s) Should be Citizen or Resident of New Zealand & Living in New Zealand.
  • Parents should not liable for deportation, or a person whose deportation liability has been suspended.

Qualifying the Applicants: Applicants should meet Dependent Child Category and their parents should be eligible to support a residence class visa under the Dependent Child and the Applicant is:

    • aged 21 to 24,
      • With no child of their own.
      • Single and
      • totally or substantially reliant on an adult (whether their parent or not) for financial support, whether they live with them or not; or
    • aged 18 to 20,
      • With no child of their own and
      • Single or
    • Aged 17 or younger and single.

Visa Stay Period: You can stay indefinitely in New Zealand.

Application Fee:  Visa application fee is 2250 NZ$.

Type of Application and Place of Application: Skilled Migration Visa can be submitted online application or Paper application can apply from onshore or offshore.

Processing Time: Average Processing time is 7 months.

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