Located in western Canada, the province of Alberta may be a hub of agricultural production for Canada. The province sits on top of vast oil reserves, leading to a booming provincial refining industry. Alberta hosts the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and is bordered on the west by Canada’s beautiful Rockies.

The province operates several immigration streams divided among three categories:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer

Alberta Opportunity Stream

The Alberta Opportunity Stream was launched in June 2018. This stream targets foreign nationals who are already working in Alberta and who have a politician offer of employment from their Alberta employer to continue working full-time within the province. Candidates for this stream must meet a variety of eligibility requirements regarding work experience, job offer, language proficiency, and education.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Alberta Express Entry stream was launched in June 2018. The stream allows the province to supply provincial nominations to pick candidates with active profiles within the federal Express Entry system. Alberta will automatically consider profiles within the federal Express Entry pool. While the precise selection criteria are unknown, AINP states that it will seek candidates who demonstrate strong ties to Alberta and who can support regional economic development and diversification.

AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream

The Alberta Self-Employed Farmer stream targets foreign nationals with extensive experience owning and operating a farm who have the financial resources to launch a new farming operation in Alberta. Candidates for this stream must consult with the province and submit a highly detailed proposal outlining their plan to launch a new agricultural farm in Alberta.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

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