Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Located in western Canada, the province of Alberta may be a hub of agricultural production for Canada. The province sits on top of vast oil reserves, leading to a booming provincial refining industry. Alberta hosts the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and is bordered on the west by Canada’s beautiful Rockies. The province operates several […]

Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec is found in eastern Canada where French is that the most ordinary speech. It is steeped in rich European culture and history with vibrant cities like Montreal and Quebec, the capital, which is where most of the people tend to call home once they immigrate to Quebec, Canada. Quebec features a fantastic education system […]

Immigration to Canada for Artists, Performers in Cultural Activities

Canada is a multicultural society. The Canadian government encourages the existence of various cultures next to every other. Consequently, Canada enjoys a cultural mosaic or rather collection of various cultures consonant and next to every other. Therefore, the Canadian immigration system welcomes different cultures to the country. No wonder there’s an option for the immigration […]

How the Provincial Nominee Program works

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program, is one of the most popular migration programs, for those who wanted to immigrate to Canada. Canada PNP runs through a collaboration between the provincial-territorial [PT] governments and the federal government of Canada. There are 10 Province & 3 Territory, that together makeup 9 [with the exception of Quebec] and […]

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